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Violin and  Piano  Lessons

Gwyneth Thomson is based in Hamilton Ontario, and teaches Violin and Piano lessons both In-Studio and In-Home. With seventeen years of teaching experience, Gwyneth believes in quality of education, connection with her students, and in building a lasting love of music. All students are unique in age, aptitude, musicality and dedication. With time and effort, any student can find enjoyment and confidence through music making. It is my personal challenge to make music accessible and gratifying for all students. 

Gwyn has experience teaching violinists and pianists of all ages, from the beginning levels to advanced, serious students. She can prepare students for anything, including:

  • Royal Conservatory of Music examinations                                                                                                                                    (Violin: all grades, ARCT and University level / Piano: Beginner to grade 10 RCM)

  • Music festivals

  • School programs

  • Recitals/other performances

  • Auditions for Youth Orchestras

  • Auditions for post-secondary music programs

Please contact me to set up an interview to go over time slots and pricing information, prices vary depending on location, lesson length and preference for In-home vs In-studio.


"Gwyneth is phenomenal! She manages to balance patience and kindness with instilling the discipline necessary to properly learn an instrument. Our five-year-old has made amazing progress in just a few short months, something that would not have happened without Gwyneth's guidance. Best of all, our daughter loves going to lessons because Gwyneth makes the learning process fun and light-hearted."

-Amy (Parent)

"I've been taking lessons with Gwyn since late 2018. As an adult beginner I appreciate the depth of her technical and teaching knowledge/experience, how the lessons incorporate both my musical interests and the accepted repertoire and how she is always complimentary on the good parts of my playing while being diplomatic and helpful with the not so good. The result is you leave the lessons wanting to play and play better."

-Lorne (Adult player)

"I had just picked my three kids up from a long day at summer camp, and was dreading telling them they had piano lessons that evening. I shouldn't have worried, they cheered when they heard Gwyn was coming. I am so pleased with how fun she makes the lessons, and my kids always look forward to piano lessons."

-Joanna (Parent)

"Gwyn is an amazing teacher and my daughter is so lucky to have her instruction. Her experience, teaching style, warmth and intuitive insight into my daughter's musical personality have allowed her to explore interesting pieces and really connect to the music and what she is learning. We also love Gwyn's flexibility in scheduling, the convenience of at-home lessons plus all the other well planned things like master classes and recitals."

-Sherone (Parent)

"I really enjoy Gwyneth’s teaching because she helps me further understand music. During the last year,

my technique and playing have really improved with her help. Thank you Gwyn for making violin such a pleasure to play!"

-Viviane (Violin Student)

"Gwyn has been the perfect match for my daughters. She is very intuitive and knows exactly how to encourage and motivate each student. Gwyn is the sweetest teacher my daughters have ever had and her passion for music has taught my daughters to love playing the piano again. The convenience of having Gwyn come and teach at our home has been incredible.  We have been so lucky to have found such an exceptional piano teacher."

-Louli (Parent)

"I have been working with Gwyn for the past year after having taken a fifteen year break from piano lessons.  Needless to say, I was nervous to start again, but Gwyn helped ease the transition back very well.  I had told her what I would like to work towards, and she has constantly been on the look out for songs that would fit my interests and skill, but also help me move towards those goals.  She is quick to notice where I’m having real difficulties and constantly offers focused suggestions on what I can focus on to get past those road blocks. Since starting, I have become much more confident in my abilities.  I’m practicing more, I’m enjoying playing more, and I’m beginning to learn pieces that are more complex than anything else I have played.  I couldn’t recommend any piano instructor more than Gwyn - she has been phenomenal and a huge support for me re-discovering the enjoyment of piano."

-Jordan (Adult player)

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